9 Snappy Facts About Snapple

Have you ever heard of Wendy the Snapple Lady?

New Yorkers aren’t the only people who love this iconic brand.

Since 1972, Snapple has won the hearts of many and has become a staple drink in America­ — New York in particular. It all started with a trio of friends: Leonard Marsh, Hyman Golden, and Arnold Greenburg, who sold fruit juices under the company name Unadulterated Food Products. In the midst of the soda-pop craze sweeping the nation, these New York natives simply wanted to create a healthier, more natural beverage for America to enjoy.

10 Snappy Facts About Snapple (Slideshow)

With flavors like Peach Tea, Lemon Tea, and Kiwi Strawberry, Snapple has made quite the reputation for itself in regards to its delicious taste.


In the mood for a refreshing bottle of Snapple? Here are 10 interesting facts about the beloved brand.