10 Quick And Easy Vodka Cocktails

Živá voda. What does that mean? Well, if you can even pronounce it, you're ahead of the game. The Slovak term means "water of life" and the water it refers to is vodka. Considered one of the necessary spirits for a full-fledged bar, vodka, whether flavored or pure, creates some pretty stellar cocktails.

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Apparently, making vodka is no easy feat and can become obsessive for some. One reason is that the base ingredients can vary from corn to wheat and even grapes, which all react differently during the fermentation and distillation processes. After all is said and done, we get to reap the benefits. Plus, with creative flavored selections such as watermelon, cotton candy, and ruby red grapefruit, our favorite drinks can be recreated each night of the week (though we don't necessarily recommend sipping on vodka every night). With such possibilities, read on to find which of these quick and easy 'water of life' mixtures suits your at-home happy hour.