10 Culinary Content Network Stories to Read Right Now

The Devil’s Food Advocate — Lemon-Lavender Shortbread

The Devil’s Food Advocate has a goal to inspire and teach, and to share knowledge and passion for the process of creating good food. Here, The Devil’s Food Advocate uses some shortbread cookie secrets from her late mother, and gives the rest of us a beautiful recipe to take home to our moms. 

Plated | The Dish — How to: Peel Ginger

Plated | The Dish features a variety of chef-designed meals each week, offering ingredients that are ready-to-order and delivered to your door with recipe instructions. In this post, they feature a video tutorial on how to peel ginger, quickly and easily.

Blondie & Brownie — Homemade Sriracha Cheez-Its

Blondie & Brownie, two girls’ adventures in food, share with you the ins and outs of their every-food-filled-day. Here, a cheese kick produces a fun and addicting recipe for spicy homemade Cheez-its. 

Fresh Eggs Daily — DIY Tiered Herb-Drying Rack

Fresh Eggs Daily began as a chicken-themed Facebook page in 2011, as a communal discussion place for backyard chicken keepers. In just two years, it has grown to almost 20,000 fans on Facebook, and has expanded to a blog, with a presence on Pinterest, YouTube, and Twitter. The mission is "to inspire others to live a simple, wonderful, natural farm life… every day. Because life is just better with chickens." In this post, Fresh Eggs Daily shows us a gorgeous DIY project for a tiered herb-drying rack, made from old picture frames. We can’t wait to try out this one.

Plated | The Dish — Sesame-Sriracha Avocado Bowl

Plated | The Dish strikes again this week, with a recipe for a cool and spicy healthy snack involving avocado, sesame seeds, and Sriracha.

Dinners, Dishes, & Desserts — Creamy Avocado Pasta Salad

Dinners, Dishes & Desserts is a blog by a family-oriented Colorado mom with a desire to share her recipes and try new things. This post had us thinking of backyard barbecues and rooftop grills, with a side recipe for avocado pasta salad.

Feed Me Dallas — Café Momentum: Inspiring, Inventive, and Delicious

Feed Me Dallas took on a life mission of restaurant reviewing in the first few minutes of My Best Friend's Wedding, where, if you haven’t seen the classic, Julia Roberts takes a bite and after an anticipated pause, declares the dish "inventive and confident." Now, this blogger reviews everything she can in Dallas, and shares only information of restaurants from which she took a good experience. In this post, Feed Me Dallas visits Café Momentum, and finds her own inventive qualities in their menu and dining experience.

Art and Lemons — Lemony French Yogurt Cake

Art and Lemons is run by a photographer and author who loves good stories, art, and food. With a Masters in creative writing and a cooking past since the age of 7, she uses the blogging space to write, be creative, and eat well. Here, Art and Lemons celebrates her 40th birthday, pregnant, happy, and with cake.

Everyday Maven — 7 Restaurants in 2 Days: Richmond, B.C.

Everyday Maven grew up in a cooking family and cooks every day. However, like most of us, she doesn’t have all the time in the world, and sticks up a couple of rules to help make the day worth it: 1) It must be delicious 2) Cannot take hours in planning or preparation 3) Complexity level low 4) Healthy and high quality ingredients 5) Weight Watchers and Points Plus friendly 6) Must be done with family. Here, Everyday Maven takes on an enormous feat, feasting on seven different restaurants in just two days, and living to share the tales, and feedback, with you.