10 Christmas Beers Worth Trying

These seasonal brews bring the flavors of Christmas to a glass near you
Christmas Beer

Photo Modified: Flickr / Michael Bentley / CC BY 4.0

‘Tis the season… to drink beer.

Move over, pumpkin spice, the holiday season is in full swing and that particular flavor just seems so last month.[related]

10 Christmas Beers Worth Trying (Slideshow)

The chance to visit with friends and family in one reason everyone loves Christmas, but when it comes to Christmas parties, you may need a few beers here and there to loosen things up. In reality, the holidays are great, but they can also be insanely stressful. And stress is nothing that a great beer won’t fix!

If you’re going to drink during the holidays, we suggest you embrace the season and try a sipping on a seasonal beer. The different beers available are festive, fun, and versatile, so we can say with confidence that there’s a Christmas-inspired brew for everyone.

Many brands — like Anchor Brewing Company and Goose Island Beer Company — provide an annual, festive blend that changes every year. Most of them are only available from November through mid-January, though, so try them while you can!

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Read on for 10 Christmas brews that are worth sampling this season.