10 Christmas Beers Worth Trying

These seasonal brews bring the flavors of Christmas to a glass near you
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Christmas Beer

Photo Modified: Flickr / Michael Bentley / CC BY 4.0

‘Tis the season… to drink beer.

Move over, pumpkin spice, the holiday season is in full swing and that particular flavor just seems so last month.

10 Christmas Beers Worth Trying (Slideshow)

The chance to visit with friends and family in one reason everyone loves Christmas, but when it comes to Christmas parties, you may need a few beers here and there to loosen things up. In reality, the holidays are great, but they can also be insanely stressful. And stress is nothing that a great beer won’t fix!

If you’re going to drink during the holidays, we suggest you embrace the season and try a sipping on a seasonal beer. The different beers available are festive, fun, and versatile, so we can say with confidence that there’s a Christmas-inspired brew for everyone.

Many brands — like Anchor Brewing Company and Goose Island Beer Company — provide an annual, festive blend that changes every year. Most of them are only available from November through mid-January, though, so try them while you can!


Read on for 10 Christmas brews that are worth sampling this season.