Drink Your Milk, and Wear It Too

A new textile called Qmilch is made from milk protein

A Model Wearing a Dress Made of Milk

Following the fashion-meets-food trend, a German biochemist and fashion designer named Anke Domaske has developed a cloth that is made entirely of milk.

According to an AP article, the textile is "called 'Qmilch,' [and] it drapes and folds like silk, but can be washed and dried like cotton." Domaske claims it's eco-friendly and nonirritating for those with skin allergies.

Here's how it works: Organic milk that fails to meet Germany's quality standards is reduced to protein powders, which are then compressed into strands to be woven into fabric. The milk fabric is pricey though, selling at $28 for a half pound (organic cotton goes for 40 percent less). Watch below to learn more about wearing milk.

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