Drink Up This Weekend At Thirst Boston

Epic cocktail weekends.  Every major city has one.  Last year, Boston launched the Boston Cocktail Summit, a weekend full of beverage industry inspired seminars with professionals from all over North America.  It was a dizzying weekend full of dialogue between the pros and the enthusiasts and a chance for people to really get to meet our city's stellar industry rock stars.

This year, a dynamic team of food and drink indursty professionals has launched Thirst – what promises to be our very own, Boston version of the Manhattan Cocktail Classic, or the Tales of the Cocktail in New Orleans.  Brandy Rand, TJ Connely (co-founder of Onthebar app), Maureen Hautaniemi and Andrew Dietz (of MS Walker) are the founders of this intoxicatingly fun and educational weekend.
Kicking off on Saturday with the Grand Opening Gala, dubiously called 'The Thing,' the entire weekend will be happening within the same couple of buildings focusing on the Hotel Commonwealth, the Harvard Club or the Hawthorne. Starting on Sunday at 10 a.m. (rise and shine partiers!), guests can expect an array of events and seminars that will educate on all matters of the industry  - Bourbon, rum, coffee? Or perhaps you are more of a cocktail historian interested in the transitory evolution of Boston's cocktail scene?  Thirst will have it all. Tickets can be purchase individually for each event, or day and weekend passes are available.  I would not wait – this event is going to be a blow out and tickets are not unlimited.
Oh...and did we mention that a Thirst Lounge will be set up all throughout the weekend for anyone with a ticket should you get hungry, or need a rest.  Oh...and what with The Thing, The Blender Bender (think tiki extravaganza) and Stars and Stripes, each evening will have a party of such epic proportions the city has possibly never seen.  
So..what are you waiting for? Get your ticket now and drink up! Cheers.