Drink Some Ultra-Premium Vodka, Save Some White Tigers

We love ultra-premium vodka and we love cats, but we don't often see the two cross paths. Until we heard of Tigre Blanc, that is. Founder Henri Belleville set out to create a cognac-style vodka that could stand for power and unite his French heritage with his East Asian travels. Made in the Cognac region of France, Tigre Blanc is distilled six times in French alembic copper stills and features a very smooth and creamy taste profile. With an eye-catching bottle and a name that literally means "white tiger," Tigre Blanc has made a commitment to the preservation of endangered African white tigers and pledges to donate proceeds from every bottle sold to the Panthera Foundation. So the next time your cat judges you for having a nightcap, you can stare right back with the confidence that you're helping the furry dictator's wild cousins.

Costing $102, you can buy Tigre Blanc through Warehouse Liquors.