A Drink For Every Mom

Mom may know best (or the best way to make us crazy), but on Mother's Day, we know it's best to make her feel special. Some moms prefer wine, some cool moms prefer beer (and to that, we salute you), and still other moms prefer their cocktails.

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Mother's Day is the perfect time to break out those brunch cocktail and Bloody Mary recipes you've been saving up all this time. The weather's just getting nice out, and a spring cocktail will do just the trick. But what if you could give your mom the truest expression of who she is, with a cocktail? From a Soccer Mom Punch to a "Mom-osa," there's a cocktail recipe for every kind of mom out there.

We'll sip these specialty cocktails in her honor (or her horror). Side note: they may make your time with the family a little more bearable, too. Whether mom is a health freak, a homemaker, or on permanent holiday, we've compiled a list of beverage recipes to fit her specific style and make this Sunday special.