Drink of the Day: The Experiment at Lebua's Breeze, Bangkok

Be your own mixologist (or is it scientist?) at restaurant Breeze in Bangkok

At Breeze in Bangkok you can create your own cocktail, aptly named 'The Experiment.'

Picture this: You're 52 floors above the heaving streets of Bangkok. From up here, the frenzied traffic is no more than a glittering string of lights. The crowds clamoring for views are a few floors above you. But you stepped into the elevators at Lebua State Tower a few minutes before 6 p.m., so you avoided the throngs lining up to take in sunset from the roof — and you exited before they did. Your reward? Stepping out onto the ultra-dramatic neon-lit sky bridge of their bar/restaurant Breeze and having it completely to yourself.

The icing on the cake is getting to play mad scientist/mixologist with one of the new cocktails on Breeze's China 2020 menu. "The Experiment" is just that. As the wind whips your hair (they named it Breeze for a reason!), you get to concoct your very own cocktail. Your mad scientist assistant (OK, server) will present you with a tray bearing everything you need to make magic.

Your drink features gin, melon liqueur, aloe vera, guava, passion fruit, and basil seeds infused with mint — each contained in a different test tube, beaker, syringe, or other ridiculously adorable scientific vessel. And even if you had to, ahem, borrow other students' homework in high school chemistry lab, you can handle this assignment. Your helper instructs you just how much of each liquid to add to the Pyrex glass, which you'll then stir with a flourish — and eureka! Your experiment yields a sweet, refreshing cocktail that will perform a magic trick of its own: one minute it's there, the next it's not. Maybe you should conduct this experiment again!


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