Drink Blogs: Wine in a Can and More Links

In today's Link Love, a Twilight summer ale, plus failed martini orders

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• Is wine in a can the sign of the future — or the death of wine as we know it? [Dr. Vino]

• Deschutes Brewery's Twilight Ale isn't based on the books, but it is a summer ale complete with toasty malt profile and floral aromas. [The Brew Site]

• A bartender shares how not to order a martini. [The Truth About Bartending]

• Rockin' Coffee's Sumatra Permata Gayo, made by a local co-op in North Sumatra, is filled with honey and biscuit notes. [Pure Coffee Blog]


• The newest trend in drinking: "chardonnay wives," or women who don't realize how much they've had to drink. [Drinking Diaries]