Drink Blogs: Spiced Almond Milk and More

In today's Link Love, FAQ with a sommelier, plus a perfect gin, rosemary, and lemon cocktail

Spiced Almond Milk

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• A gin, rosemary, and lemon refresher courtesy of Denver's Olivéa (above). [Creative Culinary]

• One spice mix, two recipes: spiced almond milk or yogurt lassi (right). [Hobby and More]

• Ever wonder what crazy things people ask sommeliers? [The Hairpin]

• Of course there's a sombrero-shaped gadget to squeeze fresh fruit into your bottled water. [Gawker]

• Apparently, parents who live in Napa Valley randomly approach their 19-year-old daughters and say things like, "Why don’t you have your own wine?" [The Food Life]