Drink Blogs: A Lime-Ginger Detox and More

In today's Link Love, bloody mary beef straws, plus perfect strawberry milk

Lime Ginger Mint Detox

Three times a week, The Daily Meal rounds up stories worth reading and blogs worth following.

• A hot or cold detox, made with lime, ginger, and mint. [Fashion Cooking]

• Crazy bloody marys just got crazier; there are now beef straw garnishes on the market for about $40 a pack. We are both intrigued and disgusted. [Benny's Bloody Mary Beef Straw]

• Feeling nostalgic? This strawberry milk recipe makes us want to watch old Disney movies with our superhero blankets (scroll down for English). [Con Harinas y a lo Loco]

• Oh, well, here's a blog dedicated to reviewing root beers. Nice. [Cosmo's Root Beer Reviews]

• And now, time to learn how to pair wine with cookies (hint: chocolate chip goes with Banyuls). [Snooth]