Drink Blogs: Grilled Peach Cocktails and More Links

In today's Link Love, why bars play incredibly loud music, plus a proper cocktail for a lady to let loose

A grilled peach cocktail and more drink ideas for this upcoming week.

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• A gorgeous (and brilliant) grilled peach cocktail that takes summer flavors, barbecue, and bourbon to the next level (above, left). [Wishful Chef]

• Here is a product that is a "malt beverage" combining sparkling water and alcohol. So, a cocktail in a can? [Laughing Squid]

• This "Lady Detective" cocktail with rum and coconut foam sounds like the perfect, mysterious drink. [Post Prohibition]

• Research shows that the faster and louder the music is, the more you drink. Which explains every Saturday night gone wrong, ever. [Animal/New York Times]

• For those of you on the more health-focused track, here are two delicious-sounding protein smoothies to start off the week. [Cooking Classy]