Drink A Beer For A Buck: 11 Countries With The Cheapest Suds

After a long day of travel, chances are you'll want a drink; chances are also that you'll be low on cash.

If beer drinking is a priority for you on your travels (and really, who could blame you if it is?), there are certain countries in the world that offer better value than others. Long gone are your college days when you traveled to the nearest fraternity house for a cheap drink. How about traveling to, say, Vietnam instead?

Drink a Beer for a Buck: 11 Countries With the Cheapest Suds (Slideshow)

While war-torn Ukraine may not be your first choice of destination at the moment, a typical beer at a restaurant costs about 98 cents, making it the cheapest in the world, according to some sources. Yet its neighboring Eastern and Central European countries also offer plenty of cheap-beer competition.

Ultimately, both Eastern European and Southeast Asian countries rank well on our list of cheapest countries for beer, which is fortunate for you, traveler, given they're also mostly full of up-and-coming travel hotspots.

There are places beer lovers should avoid, though. In Norway, the average beer at a restaurant costs the equivalent of $11.33 (ouch). And in many traditionally Muslim countries in the Middle East and North Africa, when alcohol isn't outright banned, beer prices creep toward $10.

Want to know where you should go to maximize your beer-for-money ratio? We've got you covered.

The prices cited here are the average prices for a beer out at a restaurant, so yes, that means you most likely can find it even cheaper in grocery stores. The following countries were chosen both for the price and availability of their brews.

Czech Republic

If you have a pulse, chances are you want to visit Prague. The city's multicolored buildings and medieval cobblestone streets have drawn an increasing number of tourists over the past decade and have led travel mags and bloggers to dub it the "new Paris." While the food here isn't on par with that of, say, France (sorry, Czech Republic), the beer more than makes up for it. The Czech Republic hosts one of the best climates for hops and brewing, and fresh, tasty pints run only $1.40 at restaurants.


China consumes the most beer in the world. A typical pint out will run you $1.30, while vendors and markets will sell you a liter (!) for under $1. China also produces some of the world's most popular beers: Snow, Tsingtao, and Yanjing. Although we'd like to remind you that "most popular" does not equal "most delicious" (re: watery Yanjing).

Noelle Mateer is a special contributor to The Daily Meal.

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