Drink Like Anne Hathaway

How does the 'Les Miserables' star drink (and keep her tiny figure)?
Wikimedia/ Mireille Ampilhac

Drink like Anne Hathaway.

"I dreamed a dream" that Anne Hathaway was besties with us and would get a drink with us after work... but sadly, the Les Miserables star has far eclipsed us in coolness and fame. So instead, we take a look at what she has had to drink in the past (we could go for some tequila, Anne!) and just play out the scenario in our heads. 

The star is constantly dropping pounds for her roles, whether as Fantine in Les Mis or Catwoman in The Dark Knight Rises (despite her tiny figure as is). How does she do it? Shape magazine shared that part of her strict diet for The Dark Knight Rises included chocolate power smoothies made with almond milk (she is vegan, after all). We're sure that had to be tastier than the dried oatmeal paste she was rumored to be eating to drop weight for Les Miserables. Shape also reported that Hathaway uses the David Kirsch's 48-Hour Detox Diet for red-carpet events, which includes the Dr. Kirsch Lemonaid four times a day. She was also rumored to be drinking Dr. Kirsch's fat-busting Thermo Bubbles drink in 2009. Still, the crazy diets (and drinks to go with) were a challenge for Hathaway, especially during filming Les Miserables. She told EW.com, "I had nothing else going on in my life, so there was no way to distract myself. At the end of a long day, I couldn’t go home and comfort myself with a drink or with food. It was all ‘Les Mis,’ all the time."

But, when Hathaway isn't watching what she drinks, she certainly seems to enjoy her hard liquor. She revealed to Jay Leno her new favorite drink (thanks to her co-star at the time, Kate Hudson), a (non-branded) skinny girl margarita. In it: silver tequila, lime juice, Cointreau or Triple Sec, and club soda. (And we can't get over Hathaway begging for beer on the streets of Cambridge, Mass., in the video below.) If you really want to get weirdly specific in your Anne Hathaway fantasies, you can mix up the Anne Hathaway cocktail made by Gourmet.com; another margarita recipe. Either way, we toast our girl's recent Golden Globe nomination and wish our imaginary bestie all the best! 

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