Dress Up Your Eggo Waffle

Photo by Molly Stein

Looking to step up your breakfast game? Bored with plain Eggo waffles and syrup? It's time to amp up your whole-wheat waffle with some badass topping combinations. They are simple, impressive and taste pretty gourmet. Simply start with a naked Eggo waffle, toasted to perfection and add the toppings. You can go savory or sweet, but all my combos are vegetarian.

Here are 8 suggestions to jumpstart your experimenting:

Plate 1, clockwise:

  • Chevré Silver goat cheese, d'anjou pear, raw clover honey
  • Nutella, strawberry, whipped cream
  • Reduced-fat cream cheese, Trader Joe's brand lemon curd, lemon zest
  • Breakstone's 1% milkfat cottage cheese, pineapple, sprinkle of nutmeg
Photo by Molly Stein

Photo by Molly Stein

Plate 2, clockwise:

  • Peanut butter, raspberry jam, banana, garnished with a roasted peanut
  • Blueberry Greek yogurt, topped with blueberries
  • Morning Star vegan breakfast sausage, shredded Daiya cheese, topped with Sriracha
  • Vegan fried "chick'n", pure maple syrup, rosemary garnish
Photo by Molly Stein

Photo by Molly Stein

Hungry for more? Make yourself a loaded waffle peanut butter, jelly, banana and strawberries. It makes for a great, filling breakfast that will power you through your upcoming finals.

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