Drakes Bay Oyster Company Loses Lease And More News

Check out the headlines you may have missed.

California Oyster Company Woes: Drakes Bay Oyster Company, California's only oyster cannery, has lost their lease thanks to a 1976 federal law that reserves that area for marine wilderness, free of commercial activity. [SF Chronicle]

Connecticut's Long Island Sound Shutdown: Lobstermen are facing the first ever seasonal shutdown, beginnning this Sunday through Nov. 28, in order to restitute the lobster population. [CBS]

Retiring Chickens: Egg-laying hens are now being retired to a nice little farm on the East Coast, instead of killed, after their egg-laying days. [HuffPo]

Foodie Magician: Check out this clip of Food Fanatics, a new show that focuses on bloggers and social media folks in food, with the "Foodie Magician." [Eater]