Dr. Ruth Releasing Watered-Down Wine

The sex expert and media personality is working on a low-alcohol wine for couples

Dr. Ruth Westheimer

Celebrities will never stop producing their own wine, it seems. Dr. Ruth is the latest personality to create a new brand of wines, Dr. Ruth’s Vin d’Amour. Marketed as a "California wine product," the New York Post reports that it only contains 6 percent alcohol.

"I’m always saying couples should drink to relax, but not too much," Dr. Ruth said. "If [the woman] drinks too much, she falls asleep and if [the man] drinks too much, he can’t perform. It’s the same problem for gay couples."

Her wine will reportedly be sold at New York City supermarkets, corner delis, and GILT in the Palace Hotel, retailing at $7.99 to $9.99 per bottle. Proceeds will benefit the Museum of Jewish Heritage, while the wine supposedly benefits drinkers' love lives.

"When people get drunk, there is no way they can be good lovers. And nobody wants to go to bed with somebody who gets drunk, vomits, and wakes up with a hangover," Dr. Ruth said. “With this [low-alcohol] wine, I am saying: 'Relax, but don’t do it [drink] too much.' If sex follows or not, it doesn’t matter. It’s about finding and communicating with a significant other."