Big Dr Pepper Snapple Beats Small Dublin Dr Pepper in Lawsuit

The large soda company unsurprisingly won a lawsuit against one of their tiny bottlers in Texas

Dr Pepper Snapple Group has split with their oldest (and smallest) Dr Pepper bottling plant, formerly known as Dublin Dr Pepper.

Back in June, the giant Dr Pepper Snapple company sued the small bottling plant because the plant was selling bottles labeled "Dublin Dr Pepper" (made with cane sugar) instead of plain old "Dr Pepper."

The company also claimed that plant's Dr Pepper was being sold outside the approved 44-mile radius around Dublin.

In accordance with the recent settlement, the 120-year-old plant has sold their Dr Pepper distribution license, so it will stop producing its signature Dr Pepper sweetened with cane sugar.

Dublin Dr Pepper is being renamed as Dublin Bottling Works, Inc., and fans will just have to drink some "Triple XXX Root Beer" from now on, which makes local residents pretty angry.

"As of today, I will never drink another Dr Pepper," a local told the Star-Telegram with "seething anger."

Cane sugar-sweetened Dr. Pepper will still be sold in the area by the Dr. Pepper company itself, and the incident is being compared to David and Goliath (except Goliath won).

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