Downtown Cocktail Room: The Best Cocktail Bar In Las Vegas

In spite of the shows, casinos, showgirls, famous people and debauchery that happens in Las Vegas, the best thing about Sin City has to be the cocktails. And if you want an upscale cocktail with a speakeasy feel, you've got to go to Downtown Cocktail room.

This bar is just a shirt stumble away from the big lights of the strip, so they brand themselves an "intimate speakeasy in the heart of the city." The 3,000 sq. foot room is full of warm bohemian décor comfortable seating.

In this bohemian paradise you can enjoy any of the bar's dozens of specialty and seasonal cocktails with their unique names including the Orthodox Caveman made up of Zucca, Cachaca, Scotch, and Apertif, Bitters or the S'more's Better composed of Tequila, Amaro, Tobacco, and Guinness. Each of the original cocktails even has the date it was created on the menu and the level of strength from one to five.

With all of these cocktails and great décor, are you really going to make it to that magic show?