The Dough On NOMsense Bakery


A bakery started by Penn Students purely for those who appreciate the beauty & art of cookies? That's Nonsense! Correction, it's NOMsense**. Nomsense Bakery —brought to you by Rachel Stewart, Roopa Shankar and Alina Wong, three students who have brought their dessert obsession to the next level and plan to bring it to the rest of you.


Photos by NOMsense Bakery

Looking to create a seriously delicious, outrageous dessert option for students with a sweet- tooth, the three creators founded the bakery after a friend tasted some leftovers and insisted the creations be put up for sale. The main offering is the NOMsense Cookie Sandwhich, which has not one but four variations:

1) the CRUNCH- peanut butter cookie base, yellow cake/vanilla icing/crushed pretzel filling, a semi sweet chocolate dipping and a chocolate crunch topping

2)the CHOCOMON-snickerdoodle cookie base, chocolate cake and ganache filling, a semi sweet chocolate dipping and cinnamon cereal crunch topping

3) the CARAMELIE- double chocolate chip brownie cookie base, marshmallow-caramel swirled filling, semisweet chocolate dipping and fleur de sel topping

4) the LEMOGRAHAM- lemon cake cookie base, graham cracker-raspberry swirled marshmallow fluff filling, lemony glaze and graham cracker dust topping


Photos by NOMsense Bakery

Care to try one of these tempting flavors? the very first tasting event for NOMsense Bakery will take place on February 27th (THIS thursday)

Where: 3rd floor lounge of Harnwell

When: Feb 27th, @8pm – 9:30

For more info, visit the Facebook page.

Currently, the bakery is accepting all orders to, and orders can be delivered anywhere on Upenn campus! (Website coming soon)

*FOR THOSE SORORITY BIG'S OUT THERE- Big/Little Week is here- and NOMsense wants to help you send the perfect treat to the newest member of the lin! Now offering 3 for $6 or 6  for $12 deal as gifts, all fully packaged in a nice box!



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