Dose: Killer Location, The Rest Is In The Details

Dose is in the former location of Portland Brew on Murphy Road.  Right next to the on-ramp for I-440 and at the cusp of West End and Sylvan Park it is the only coffee shop for miles.  Launched by Heath and Keith – the former roasters of Portland Brew.  They feature Kaldi's coffee from Missouri and offer a wide selection of ethically sourced beans with every roasting combination imaginable.  Dose makes their own syrups in house and they offer an impressive breakfast and lunch menu with something for every diet.  Dose is tastefully remodeled with industrial chic accents.  Booths, tables, and benches are available so meetings, college students, and professionals are all possible here.  Baristas are drenched in black – professional, quick (very important!), and courteous.  Their iced coffee is unique – this is my go-to drink in the summers, so I am somewhat of an expert.  Theirs is brighter than the rest with hints of orange.  I am impressed with what I have seen and look forward to trying more items on their menu.  So far I have had the garbanzo bean salad and the spicy egg sandwich.  If you are hungry, do grab one of their egg sandwiches – each is paired with a sassy blend of vegetable, meat, and sauce on local bagels.