Dos Toros Taqueria Expands to Williamsburg with 'Black or Pinto'

Staff Writer
'Just a couple questions before we get this here burrito started / seriously bro I gotta know what beans you wanted'

Photo Sasabune Omakase Modified: Flickr/erin/CC 4.0

Guys, we want every restaurant opening announcement ever to come with a rap music video now; Dos Toros is opening up its Williamsburg, N.Y., joint this Wednesday, and their first expansion outside of Manhattan comes with a remix of "Black & Yellow."

Choice lines: "I'm the taco Picasso / it's a fine art/ but no cheese? / breaks my heart," "You can call me Mr. Bean like Rowan Atkinson," plus "Yeah, you know our legumes are hella local and organic/ burritos so legit you'd think our mama was hispanic." Even better is a shout out to the NYC Department of Health: "Call me teacher's pet/ 4.0 straight A's/ But not on report cards/ NYC health grades."

The tacqueria opens at 189 Bedford Ave. tomorrow, and you best be blasting this beat on the L train ride over. Just for tomorrow, every individual menu item will be $1, which means $1 burritos and two tacos for a buck.

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