Dorky Food Ties for Father’s Day

Give your dad something funny and classy this Father’s Day

He already loves pizza night, so he’ll love tiny pizzas on his tie, right?

With Father’s Day quickly approaching, all of us are scrambling to find the perfect gift for our dads. While we could go simple with a witty card or maybe just a hug, we really want to try and make our dads laugh. They’re usually in charge of making dorky food jokes, but this time it’s our turn.

Gag gifts are best when they are hilarious and useful. We asked ourselves what is something that every dad needs. Your dad will laugh out loud when you give him one of these ridiculous food ties. 

Fast Food Bowtie

There’s something really classy about a bowtie. They’re especially fashionable when printed with images of hamburgers, hot dogs, and French fries.

(Etsy/Super Awesome Bowties)

Bacon Necktie

You could cook your dad bacon for a Father’s Day breakfast, or you could just buy him this tie. You can practically smell it sizzling.

(Etsy/Hellhound Fashion)

Beer Bottle Cap Bow Tie

There’s no one who loves beer more than your dad. Maybe he even collects the caps. And if he doesn’t, he can have his own little collection right on this bowtie.

(Etsy/Kennebunk Lisa)

Pizza Bow Tie

Ah pizza. It’s delicious, it’s comforting, and it looks great on a tie! Give it to your dad in a pizza delivery box for extra laughs.


(Etsy/A Little Geeky)