Dorie Greenspan On Breakfast, Cookies, And What's Next For Cookie Bar

Dorie Greenspan is such a stud in the cookbook world; she has written 10 cookbooks, won six James Beard awards, and she even wrote a cookbook with Julia Child. Up next for her? More Cookie Bar and another cookbook, this time about pastry and baking in France. If that means more recipes like her gateau basque, we're in.

First off, what did you have for breakfast?
I had... nothing. I had coffee. I really don't eat much for breakfast. I always think I want breakfast. I always think, "Breakfast! I love breakfast." But I run out of time. So, coffee.

Well, you just released the Baking with Dorie app. How was that?
Working on the app was so incredible. I had a chance to do video step-by-step for everything, and I realized I could give bakers, like, a mind transfer.

So what's next after the app?
I'm still working with Joshua [her son] on Cookie Bar. We're delivering in New York and we're hoping to expand. I'm working on a book about pastry and baking in France, and I think that's it. More Cookie Bar, another book.

Will you ever have a permanent Cookie Bar?
I don't know. We talk about it, it would be wonderful. Right now we're really happy just popping up occasionally and doing delivery, but a store would be nice.

It must be easier to have a store.
It's harder to have a pop up, but there's something about the kind of excitement of the crazy production for a pop up, just showing up for five adrenaline-pumping days and really getting to see people. And it kind of fits into my crazy life. But I think we might grow up and have a store. We'll see.

So you only sell cookies at Cookie Bar. Why cookies?
I can't explain what it is about cookies. They're comfort. As a baker, I love working with a cookie because your imagination can just go crazy. You can play with the texture of a cookie, the flavors, you can add crunch. I love crunch.

Cookies are classic.
I was gonna say, I can't imagine a world without cookies, but the truth is I don't want to imagine it. Never, never.

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