Donald Trump Boycotts Whisky Producer, No One Cares

In news no one is surprised about, Donald Trump has started another feud — but this time, it's against whisky. 

After news broke that the whisky producer, Glenfiddich, awarded a "Top Scot" award to Trump's nemesis, Michael Forbes. Trump then announced that he would be boycotting the brand. "Glenfiddich should be ashamed," Trump told the Guardian. "I hereby call for a boycott on drinking Glenfiddich products because there is no way a result such as this could have been made by the Scottish people." 

Forbes infamously made an enemy out of Trump because he refused to sell his farm land to Trump to build a golf course, the Guardian reports. Of course, the producer behind Glenfiddich (as well as Hendrick's Gin, Virgin Vodka, and Milagro Tequila), William Grant & Sons, is also on Trump's list: Trump also claims that William Grant & Sons is "jealous" of his in-house single malt. (Yeah, we're guessing not.) William Grant & Sons responded that the award is voted for by the people of Scotland, and that Glenfiddich had nothing to do with the results. The statement reads: "In the history of these awards, we are not aware of the Top Scot award causing any offence or upset to anyone and it is not our intention to do so now. These awards were set up to give the people of Scotland a vote and we must respect their decision."

Oh Trump, when will you learn that it's not about you?