Donald Duck Reacts In Horror To Tokyo Disneyland's Buffet Menu

Anyone who goes to a Disney park anywhere in the world is practically guaranteed to run into Mickey, Goofy, and Donald Duck, and last week diners at a buffet in Tokyo Disneyland were hysterical and possibly also a little guilty after Donald Duck walked in and panicked after seeing duck on the menu.

According to Rocket News 24's KK MIller, a Twitter user and devoted Disney fan going by DisneyLove22 was at a restaurant in Tokyo Disney when Donald Duck came in and started looking over all the delicious dishes on display. When he encountered one, though, he threw his hands over his eyes and started panicking and pretending to cry. When DisneyLove22 went closer, the actor in the Donald Duck suit pointed to a sizzling dish of teriyaki duck breast.

The actor in the suit was game for a bit of melodrama, and his audience couldn't stop laughing. Then, after confirming with Donald Duck that the dish was not made out of anyone he knew, DisneyLove22 took a big helping.