Domino's Pizza Has Magic Anti-Calories

An eagle-eyed and math-savvy poster over at Serious Eats has discovered something amazing: Domino’s Pizza is magic.

Well, really it’s just the toppings that are magic — at least according to the Domino’s Cal-O-Meter, where adding vegetable toppings actually sucks calories right out of the pizza.

A 12-inch thin-crust pizza with regular cheese comes in at 330 calories per slice, but add garlic and suddenly the slice is just 290; a slice with green peppers has just 285.

People have long argued for the existence of "negative calorie" foods that have fewer calories than it takes to chew them, but usually those are things like celery and spinach. At Domino's, however, it's not just the vegetables at work: adding ham takes 25 calories off the pizza.

The magic doesn’t appear to work in tandem, though. Adding pineapple removes 35 calories, and adding ham removes 25, but adding both for a Hawaiian pizza removes just 20 total.