Domino's Pizza

Domino’s Australia Is Selling a Pizza So Big It Barely Fits Through the Door

The mammoth meal serves 20, and is too huge to fit on a delivery bike
Domino's Pizza

How much do you love pizza? No, more than that. No, more even than that. You have to really, really love pizza in order to want Domino’s Australia’s new invention, The Big One. This pizza serves 20, can’t be delivered because it won’t fit on the chain’s delivery bikes, and can barely fit through the restaurant’s doors.

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“We couldn’t make the pizza any bigger or else it wouldn’t fit through a standard doorway,” said Domino’s global development chef Michael Treacy in a press release.

Domino's Big One

Domino's Australia

The mammoth meal features 800 grams (28 ounces) of mozzarella and 600 grams (21 ounces) of sauce. Each Big One showcases four fully loaded quarters of the chain’s most popular topping combinations: pepperoni, supreme, BBQ meatlovers and Hawaiian. The chain says each quarter is close in size to two large pizzas. It’ll take a little pizza your heart, and then some.

The giant innovation comes with some problems. Domino’s had to create new, custom-made pizza pans and boxes to hold the gigantic pies. The pizza can’t be delivered, because it’s too big to fit on one of Domino’s Australia’s electronic delivery bikes. In fact, the chain recommends buyers bring a friend to help them carry it out to what we hope is a roomy, empty car or truck. And only two of the enormous pizzas will be made per day at each store, so order early if you’ve got the entire team coming over to eat.

Domino's did not immediately respond to a request for comment about how long the pizza will be offered, and if it is also available at Domino's locations in New Zealand.

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The Big One costs AU $49.95 ($35 U.S.) and must be reserved online 24 hours in advance. Maybe you love pizza, but something smaller is more your style? Check out the best pizza in every state.