Domino’s Getting a Makeover

Open kitchens, chalkboard walls are new features

New Domino's

Although Domino’s may be known for its specialty pizzas and quick service, it certainly hasn't been known for particularly attractive restaurants — it's the kind of place where you go in, stand in line, place your order, receive your order, and leave. But according to The Huffington Post, the brand has begun renovating several of its locations in Seattle and Ann Arbor, Mich., and the results sound impressive.

As opposed to cloistering all the pizza-making behind the scenes, the new design puts it all right out in the open, where customers can watch employees hand-stretching the dough and applying toppings (and it’s no gimmick; believe it or not the pizzas have always been made this way). Customers can also doodle on a chalkboard wall, should they feel the urge, and are given plenty of room to sit and eat their pizzas right there in the restaurant (what a novel idea!). The Los Angeles Times is also reporting that grab-and-go items in a refrigerated case, like salad and milk, might also be rolled out sometime soon. All 74 Seattle locations are scheduled to be renovated by mid-year, with additional markets following suit.