Dominique Ansel And Questlove Make Cronuts With Jimmy Fallon

It's been a big week on TV for Cronuts. First, Anthony Bourdain had Grub Street's Hugh Merwin and Chef Dominque Ansel on CNN to talk about the Cronut craze and then Ansel appeared on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon to prepare his highly coveted croissant-doughnut hybrid.

"Questlove told us about this thing, and then it was a craze in our office, and then it was a craze all around the world," host Jimmy Fallon told the audience. Ansel and the musician Questlove were both guests on the show, and Ansel put Questlove to work frying pre-shaped Cronuts while he showed Fallon and the audience how he goes about preparing the now-famous pastry.

"I'm going to show you in two minutes what we do in three days," the chef told Fallon, and proceeded to drop a slab of butter onto Cronut dough, drawing cheers and applause from the audience. He then showed Fallon how to laminate the dough (using the enormous dough sheeter machine that he brought to the studio), fill the fried Cronut with cream, roll it in sugar, and glaze it.

The clip ends with Fallon announcing that everyone in the audience — which erupts in cheers — would be getting a Cronut.

Check out the clip below.