Do The Best French Fries In The World Come From Belgium?

There has long been a debate on the origin of French fries – where they come from is constantly contested between Belgium and France. Regardless of where they came from, though, the fact is that Belgium may very well have the best french fries in the world. That's right. Move over, waffles; french fries are the serious show stoppers.

Take Brussels, for example, Belgium's most well-known city. You'll see and smell the Bruxellois passion for french fries as soon as you leave your accommodation: A fritkot, a street stand that serves fries, is never far away. Frit'Flagey, in Ixelles, is a brief walk outside of the city center and is a favorite with locals. Use your best French to order a small cone of frites with some mayonnaise on top (a must in Belgium). As you pierce the fries with a small fork, marvel at how twice-frying the potatoes produces a fluffy inside and crispy outside.

Sound like the best french fries in the world? Yeah, we thought so, too.