DIY Slime And Other Halloween Tricks You Can Play With Food

Temperatures are falling, leaves are turning, pumpkin spice lattes have returned with a vengeance, and Halloween candy is crowding supermarket shelves. Fall is here and that means Halloween is on its way.

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Halloween celebrations can take any form, from a low-key night at home with  excessive amounts of candy and a scary movie to a hardcore party with over-the-top costumes and a fright fest to match. And for those that love to do it up on Halloween, boy have we got a few tricks to make your party a treat for you and your guests!

In the right hands, "trick-or-treat" can be transformed into trick and treat. Scary doesn't have to be difficult or stressful; it can be fun and entertaining. With just a few ingredients from the kitchen, you can have your guests sipping homemade drinkable blood from a plastic baroque goblet or squirming while slurping down Jell-O worms.

Halloween party snacks and edible props can be so much more than friendly Frankenstein cake pops. Forget the cutesy Halloween treats this year and embrace your dark side. Go all-out and get creepy with some of these super easy ghoulish props and petrifying eats.

Edible Slime


Slime feels gross, damp, and slippery. The texture alone is cringe-inducing. But being able to slurp edible slime at your Halloween party can make for a great time. A little powdered mix or food coloring can turn your slime green or blue for monster blood, red for human innards, or pink for melted brains. Eat at your own risk.

Mad Scientist Potion


Frothy smoking beverages will definitely take your celebration to the next level. With a little dry ice, you can make any drink terrifying, morphing that juice, soda, or cocktail into a mysterious mad scientist potion. All that's missing is the maniacal laughter of the mad potion maker who is ready to dissect your brains; just make sure you follow proper safety guidelines for handling dry ice, as direct contact can burn exposed skin.

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