A DIY Pumpkin Keg That Will Impress

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Halloween is the perfect time to get away with simple decorations that really make a statement. If you want to wow guests with minimal effort, there are plenty of simple Halloween décor ideas that will totally pop without taking up a ton of time or effort.

Halloween décor doesn't have to be a frightful endeavor. In fact, with a few easy ideas and craft materials, Halloween décor can be almost as fun to make as your Halloween costume. Take for instance, the ever versatile pumpkin.

Carve it, paint, it lacquer it, turn it into a keg... wait, say what? A keg? You read that right, a pumpkin keg; perfect for all of your fall parties. And the best part? It is so easy to make!


1 large pumpkin

1 black marker

Plastic spigot

Pumpkin carving kit



Trace a circle around the pumpkin stem. Carve along the line with the serrated knife, angled slightly so you can easily remove it, like you would a jack-o-lantern.


Scoop out the pumpkin seeds and "guts." Using a spoon, scoop around the edges to remove the soft layer on pumpkin innards for a fresh, scraped look.


Place the spigot approximately two inches from the bottom, taking care to not place it so low that it cannot comfortably rest on the table, nor so high that the beer will not come out. Trace around the spigot and, following the line closely, carve the hole out.


Place the spigot in the hole and make sure the tap is closed. Pour in the beer and BOOM! Insta-pumpkin keg.