DIY Memorial Day Projects

Craft these super cute decorations for your Memorial Day party
DIY Patriotic Crafts

You and the family will love making these patriotic projects.

This Memorial Day, you don’t want to just impress your guests with delicious barbecue. You want to show off your patriotic pride will still keeping your style. There are plenty of ways you can brighten up your backyard to make your holiday more festive and fun! What is even better is that you can turn party prep into fun for the whole family with simple DIY projects that serve as excellent accent decor. Check out these simple projects to get inspired:

Clothespin Pinwheel

For a great activity, have the kids make this clothespin pinwheel to keep them entertained pre and during the party.

Popsicle Flag

For your planters in the yard or an easy centerpiece focal point, make this adorable and simple flag out of popsicle sticks.

Hand-print Flag


Let the little ones get their hands dirty with this super sweet, super patriotic flag piece that will make them smile!