Francois Payard Puts Out a DIY Macaron Kit

You can spend the holidays making this pastry with your friends and family

This DIY box gives you the proper guidance and gives leeway so you can create your own ganache flavors for the perfect macaron.

Making any kind of French pastry is a challenge, especially macarons. The beautiful color is mesmerizing, and the tantalizing taste of the pastry is so great that it inspires you to make your own. And while there are well over thousands of recipes for the well-loved pastry, your product has never looks or tastes quite like the ones you’ve bought!

Well now for the first time ever, there’s a DIY Macaron kit made by renowned chef Francois Payard. The Makecaron Box includes the base cookie shells, made with almond flour and coloring, and four basic ganache recipes for guidance. Here’s the best part, you can make your own flavor. Everything from the traditional chocolate to the unique Cheetos flavor is up to your creation! All you need is heavy cream, white chocolate, and your choice of flavor. No hassle, no extra special ingredients just some of your time and creativity.

The kit makes for a great gift for the baker in your life and is a great way to spend time with friends and family. Who knows what kind of flavors they’ll come up with?

Chef Francois Payard, aka Mr. Macaron, was the first to introduce macarons packaged in boxes in America. According to a release, “Francois wanted to show the elegance and deliciousness of the macaron and promote the idea of gifting the delicate cookie.” He has made almost every kind of flavor you can think of and has even used the macaron itself as an ingredient to other pastries.


To put it this way, there’s no other man to trust when it comes to macaron than chef Payard.