DIY Ideas for Using Lemons in the Home

This sweet and sour citrus isn’t just for flavoring

Learn how you can make more than lemonade when life hands you lemons.

The new year is all about fresh starts and self-improvements. Lemons are some of the most underrated yet incredibly versatile tools we have at our disposal. With New Year's resolutions declared and the accompanying sense of personal responsibility at hand, there's no better time to delve into the wonderful world of lemons — and all the fantastic things one of the trendiest foods of 2014 can do for all those resolution-makers in 2014.

Lemons can keep your living space smelling fresh!

Lemons work wonders to remove unpleasant odors. Throw a few lemon peels into the winter fire or boil them in water on the stove to fill your home with a fresh, citrus fragrance.

Make your own all-purpose cleaner.

Add an equal amount of lemon juice and water to a spray bottle to create an effective kitchen and bathroom cleanser.

Keep the bugs at bay.

When it's cold outside, insects often seek refuge in the warmth of homes. For ants, spray lemon water where you see them appear. For spiders, place bits of fresh lemon peel strategically in dark corners or on windowsills. For insects attracted to clothing, push cloves into the peel of a new lemon and dry in the sun. After four to seven days, the lemon will be completely dry (depending on weather conditions) and will become a natural insect repellent for wardrobes, cupboards, and suitcases.


Lemons add ambiance.
Their cheerful yellow color adds a welcome splash of warmth on those cold January days. Place lemon slices in your flower vase and add water for a beautiful effect.