DIY Home Decor: Painted Kitchen Towels

Customizing a kitchen doesn't always mean installing high-tech appliances and getting expensive backsplashes designed. Sometimes an upgrade is as subtle as a fabulous new piece of wall art or a tiny knickknack. Or it can be as simple as revamping your linens. Whether you're looking to jazz up a table runner or spruce up a tea towel, we have a simple DIY project that can easily help you customize linens to your personal style.

You'll Need:

1 smooth, canvas tea towel

1 bottle of fabric paint, color optional

1 sponge applicator

1 set of letter stencils

1 set of design stencil

1 12-inch ruler

1 pencil

Scotch tape

Lay your tea towel completely flat. Measure the length of your tea towel and make a mark for how long you want your design to lay out. Then measure the width of your tea towel and using your pencil, mark the center of the towel. Take your stencil and align it with the markings. Tape the stencil down for security. Using the applicator, fill in the stencil with the fabric paint. Allow to dry for 5 minutes and remove the stencil. Allow it to dry completely before use. 

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