DIY Chalkboard Table Runner

Personalize your party on the cheap!
DIY Decor

Your dinner party will look great with this cheap and easy idea!

Hosting a dinner party is always a great way to casually celebrate with your loved ones. It is also a fabulous way to merge groups together and to make intimate introductions. Any astute hostess will tell you that you must arrange seating at a dinner party to ensure that guests are comfortable with their tablemates and to stir conversation.[related]

Instead of using the average place card to assign seating, try making it even more communal by adding a design element like a chalkboard table runner. Placed in the center of your table, you can use its versatile surface to label seating and even strategically place dishes so guests know what they are digging into!

Here is how you can make this simple project:


  • 1 roll of butcher or parchment paper
  • 1 bottle chalkboard paint
  • 1 pair of scissors
  • 1 foam brush applicator or paint brush


The evening before your party, cut your roll of butcher or parchment paper to your table size and desired width.

With your applicator, cover the paper completely in paint. Allow to dry and apply second coat if needed.

On the evening of your event, lay out the now-painted paper in the center of your table and begin chalking! You could even leave the chalk out and let guests doodle while they eat!

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This post was originally posted on March 19, 2014.