DIY Birthday Card Ideas for Food Lovers

Give that food lover in your life a tasty, sentimental card they’ll appreciate

Say happy birthday the delicious way with these tasty looking cards.

Any true food lover is happy to receive anything involving food on their birthday; whether it’s a bottle of wine or a gift basket of fruit, all of it is a welcomed gift for a person who cannot get enough of food. Want to add an extra-special touch to a food lover’s birthday? Try making them a culinary-themed card that will truly make them smile. Here are some simple ideas that will work like a charm:

Chef’s Hat

Cut your card out in the shape of a chef’s hat for an easy birthday card! Suggested message:

“Whip yourself up a Happy Birthday!”

Pizza Card

Who doesn’t love a pizza pie? Cut a piece of soft felt into the shape of a pizza and toppings, and simply hot glue together. On the inside, with felt letter glue, the saying:

“You can’t be topped on your birthday! Have a great day!”

Lovely Lollipop

When you got a pop-up card as kid, it is almost as awesome as a gift. Make a lollipop-themed card with actual lollipops taped inside and watch the ecstatic reaction unfold.

 “I’m a sucker for a great birthday. Hope yours is a blast!”

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