DIY Birthday Card Ideas for Food Lovers

Give that food lover in your life a tasty, sentimental card they’ll appreciate
DIY Birthday Cards

Say happy birthday the delicious way with these tasty looking cards.

Any true food lover is happy to receive anything involving food on their birthday; whether it’s a bottle of wine or a gift basket of fruit, all of it is a welcomed gift for a person who cannot get enough of food. Want to add an extra-special touch to a food lover’s birthday? Try making them a culinary-themed card that will truly make them smile. Here are some simple ideas that will work like a charm:

Chef’s Hat

Cut your card out in the shape of a chef’s hat for an easy birthday card! Suggested message:

“Whip yourself up a Happy Birthday!”

Pizza Card

Who doesn’t love a pizza pie? Cut a piece of soft felt into the shape of a pizza and toppings, and simply hot glue together. On the inside, with felt letter glue, the saying:

“You can’t be topped on your birthday! Have a great day!”

Lovely Lollipop

When you got a pop-up card as kid, it is almost as awesome as a gift. Make a lollipop-themed card with actual lollipops taped inside and watch the ecstatic reaction unfold.

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 “I’m a sucker for a great birthday. Hope yours is a blast!”