Disneyworld to Serve Beer, Wine for First Time Ever

After guest feedback, the Magic Kingdom (finally) allows booze

Parents everywhere are rejoicing: Disneyworld has announced that its newest restaurant, Be Our Guest, will serve beer and wine when it opens in November — making it the first restaurant to do so in the Magic Kingdom. 

The Orlando Sentinel reports that the addition of booze is a response to customer feedback; guests wanted to be wined and dined at Disneyworld, said vice president of food and beverage for Disneyworld, Maribeth Bisienere. Be Our Guest will be a French restaurant; Bisenere told the Sentinel that a beer and wine list seemed appropriate for the restaurant. "You cannot walk into a French restaurant and not get a glass of wine or beer... It made more sense to do it than not to do it."

Until now, beer and wine have only been served at the Paris outpost of Disneyworld, and at the super-exclusive Club 33 in California's Disneyland. While some are stoked about the addition of booze (which will only be available at dinnertime — no daytime drinking for you crazy kids), Disney purists are not. Some have even posted on blogs criticizing the beer and wine, saying "Walt is spinning in his grave." 

Updated: Beer and wine has also been served at the Animal Kingdom and Epcot; but separately, the Magic Kingdom is still said to be completely dry for 41 years.