Disney to Stop Airing Junk Food Ads

The company plans to stop accepting some junk food ads on TV shows, radio programs, and websites for kids

Toy Story Apples

First lady Michelle Obama gets another win: Disney, creator of teen pop star sensations like Miley Cyrus and the Jonas Brothers, is planning on halting junk food ads on their TV shows, websites, and radio programs for kids.

Reuters reports that Obama and Disney chief executive Bob Iger plan to make the announcement Tuesday. The guidelines will affect kid shows on ABC and Disney XD starting in 2015, as the food advertised will need to meet certain minimum nutritional requirements.

Back in 2006, Disney also introduced guidelines to ban using Disney characters to advertise for foods that didn't meet nutrition requirements, limiting calories, fat, and added sugar. Similarly, the company will start using Mickey Mouse ears and a checkmark to sell food in grocery stores that they deem "Good for you — fun too!" Example A: Toy Story apples.

"Companies in a position to help with solutions to childhood obesity should do just that," Iger told The New York Times, while also noting that healthy food is a large market for children.

Past research has shown that fast-food ads are linked to obesity, whereas kids who recognized popular brands were twice as likely to be obese.