Disney Characters Who Could Use a Drink

Seriously , life is hard when you’re a Disney princess

Disney Drinking


This poor girl. She’s got men telling her she’s only made to marry other men, and the men she’s involved with are all lying and power hungry. Girl needs a drink.



Imagine loving books and being called a weirdo all day for it! She has beastly men stalking her or capturing her, and constantly has to teach her boyfriend how to behave in public. Girl needs a drink.



Oh Ariel. Where do we begin? Not only does she completely have to change who she is to get the attention of the boy she likes, she gets her right to speak taken away from her. Jealous women are trying to steal her talent and her dad is a total tyrant. Girl needs a drink.



This girl is just trying to live her life and serve her country. She can’t legally join the army and she isn’t wifey material. Everyone’s always trying to bring this girl down. Just leave her be and let her save China. Girl needs a drink.


Sleeping Beauty

She missed like, half her life because of a family grudge. Girl needs a drink. 


Snow White

Her stepmother wants her dead. She’s indebted to seven short, lazy men. She gets her first kiss only after she is half dead. Need we say more? Girl needs a drink.



Her mom is dead. Her dad is dead. Her step family enslaves her, and she only has mice and birds for friends. Girl. Needs. A. Drink.