Beauty and the Beast tea set

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Disney Made a Fancy Tea Set for ‘Beauty and the Beast’

Mrs. Potts and Chip got a very posh upgrade for the new movie

Disney’s live-action remake of Beauty and the Beast is coming out soon, but the merchandise is already on the shelves. Among all the toys and costumes is one very posh new tea set.

Disney has long sold tea sets that look like Mrs. Potts and her son, Chip, the cup, but now they no longer look like cartoons. Instead, they look like they belong on the queen's tea table. 

The new tea set retails for $249.95 on the Disney Store website, and it’s a limited-edition product with only 2,000 sets available. The set includes Mrs. Potts and four tea cups, one of which looks like Chip.

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The whole set is made of fine china and is liberally decorated with gold. That means it’s not dishwasher- or microwave-safe, but it will dispense sage life advice and kindly explain to people that her boss is really a nice guy, even if he occasionally kidnaps people.