Dishcrawl is coming to Austin on May 21st

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Dishcrawl is coming to Austin on May 21st

If you have ever heard of a pub-crawl, this is a similar affair. The only difference is that instead of touring bars and pubs, you will be taken to three of the top restaurants in Austin to taste the specialties and meet the chefs. Foodies from all corners of the city will flock together for this eating adventure.

The meeting location, restaurants and schedule will be emailed to you upon signing up. This event will feature eateries close to campus and the capitol. Who knows what you will discover in UT’s back yard?

Tickets are $45 (drinks not included), but Spoon readers get a special discount! Enter the promotion code below for 15% off your ticket. Note that this is a pretty darn good deal for all the amazing food you will be trying.

Promo code: spoonatx

Tickets can be bought here. Vegetarian options ARE available.

Questions can be emailed to

Need proof that this is going to be awesome? Check out this page for recaps of Dishcrawl’s past events. Then, grab a few food-loving friends and sign up for an experience that is sure to be unforgettable!

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