Dips and Trays for Any Occasion

A cocktail-party classic, when paired with specially-designed trays makes last-minute entertaining easy.

Woven Chip and Dip Tray

For the busy host or hostess, nothing quite beats the 2-in-1 chip and dip tray. Your guests know exactly what chip (or other accoutrement) you've paired with what dip, and there is no need to have multiple bowls scattered around the table. Plus, it makes carrying food to the table easy, when you have your cocktail in one hand.

In terms of versatile and easy-to-make appetizers, nothing quite beats dip. From herb dip to spicy black bean dip, dips to serve at room temperature to those served piping hot, there are a wide array of dip recipes to choose from — even sweet ones.

To inspire your holiday appetizer offerings, we’ve paired five fun chip and dip trays with five delicious dip recipes. Whether you’re looking for something to serve on New Year’s, an easy snack to put together for last-minute visitors, or are already thinking about Super Bowl Sunday, you can mix and match these recipes and trays to suit your needs.


Photo credit: Annieglass

These clear, handblown glass Christmas Tree chip and dip trays by the Santa-Cruz based company Annieglass are a fun alternative to your regular dishware. The green glass would look perfect when served with pita chips and a zesty, hummus-like dip, such as the Purcell Sisters' Chickpea Cilantro Dip.


Photo credit: Williams-Sonoma

Handmade in the Phillipines by village artisans, this natural woven chip and dip set is casual enough for poolside entertaining, but also formal enough for holiday cocktail parties. For a colorful appetizer, we’d pair vegetable crudités, like red peppers, carrots, zucchini, yellow peppers, and string beans, along with a creamy Buttermilk Herb Dip in this tray.


Photo credit: Amazon.com

The iconic image of the Spode Christmas tree brings back childhood memories for many people. Their festive chip and dip tray is the perfect serving platter to use this time of year. To keep our Christmas Eve guests' appetites at bay, we’d use this tray to serve a Warm Crab Dip with crisp water crackers at our holiday gathering.


Photo credit: Juliska

The intricate details and earthy glaze of Juliska’s chip tray reminds us of beautiful European stoneware, yet each dish is dishwasher, microwave, and freezer-to-oven safe, up to 500 degrees. This durability makes the tray the pefect vehicle for serving a hot spinach and artichoke dip, along with crisp pita chips.


Photo credit: Target


Nothing beats everyone’s favorite classic chip and dip pairing: corn chips and salsa. For a family-friendly party, serve this treat in a dish that won’t break in the event it falls on the floor (it also make a great tray for serving snacks pool-side, in the summer), like Target’s melamine tray.