Dine Inside a Prison at London’s The Clink

The Clink

The inside of one of The Clink's locations in Cardiff.

Doing time inside the Brixton Prison in London may not be such a bad thing, for adventurous eaters that is. The Clink, an inmate rehabilitation charity with a series of restaurants in England located inside prisons and staffed by inmates, just opened its new location in Brixton Prison. The Clink offers an opportunity for inmates to gain job training through food preparation, service and cleaning. Yes, you read that right. When you dine at The Clink, your waiter, chef, and busboy are all inmates. The Clink’s aim is not only to provide a unique dining experience, but also to avoid repeat prisoner offenses.

“Encouraging meaningful work and training in prisons will help offenders address the issues that led to their imprisonment in the first place so they can turn their lives around for good,” said Jeremy Wright MP, Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State, Minister for Prisons and Rehabilitation.

But before you worry too much about the safety of your family and your wallet, The Clink’s restaurants are high security experiences for guests 18 years of age and older.  Reservations must be made online ahead of time,you can only bring 80 dollars in cash (the meal must be paid by check), and each guest must get their fingerprint scanned and go through security.

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So what about the food itself? Cyrus Todiwala, a BBC-TV celebrity chef, just signed on as head chef at The Clink. Inmate chefs will prepare a three-course meal for diners, that may include roast squash tortellini with spinach & a pesto dressing as a starter, and pollock braised in white wine & tomatoes with saffron & seasonal greens risotto for an entrée.