World’s Boldest Customer Leaves Bad Review for Restaurant He Dined and Dashed From

A customer who skipped out on a bill tried to come back and leave a bad online review

A customer who dined and dashed from an Italian restaurant actually had the gall to go back and leave a one-star review on TripAdvisor. 

It takes a certain combination of boldness and entitlement to eat at a restaurant and run off without paying, but one dine-and-dasher set a new record for bad sense when he went back and left a one-star online review for the very restaurant he’d stolen from.

According to The Telegraph, a TripAdvisor reviewer left a scathing one-star review of an Italian restaurant called Vito’s in Sheffield. The reviewer claimed his garlic bread was raw, the two steaks he and his date had ordered were cold, and the vegetables undercooked. He signed off saying it was “the worst but most expensive place to eat in Sheffield.”

Aghast, the owner read the review and realized the details of the meal matched only one table in recent memory, and that the customers were a couple who had eaten their entire meal in January and then run off without paying.

The restaurant’s security cameras had captured the whole thing, though, and the police eventually tracked down the customers. Seven months after their meal, they were finally forced to pay the check. The very next day, the man had the audacity to leave a one-star review on TripAdvisor.


Vito’s Italian Restaurant had the last laugh, however, when the owner posted the one-star review to Facebook along with a response that told everyone just what kind of stunt the writer had tried to pull. And also he made fun of his spelling.