Digital Taste: Coming Soon?

Taste simulators can help you taste what you see on screen

The Digital Taste Interface allows people to experience the sensations of flavors through electrodes.

Have you ever watched a cooking show on TV and wished that you could taste the food? Well, thanks to technology, that dream might soon become a reality.

Scientists in Singapore have created a simulator called the ‘Digital Taste Interface’ that could recreate taste sensations like salty, sweet, sour and bitter, according to The Telegraph. [related]

The simulator uses electrodes that activate your taste buds, and the Digital Slate Interface uses slight changes in temperature to enhance the tasting.

And, if that were not a dream come true already, the team is also working on creating a digital lollipop that can produce the taste of candy and would not make people gain weight or ruin their teeth using the same types of electrodes.

Dr. Nimesha Ranasinghe from the group in Singapore would like to see these systems used to accompany cooking shows on TV, in computer games, or even sharing meals over the Internet.

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This sounds like one of the most revolutionary products of all time!