Diggity Doughnuts: Dairy-Free Delicious Doughnuts on the Go

Dairy-Free Delicious Doughnuts on the Go

Founder Ambergre Sloan remembers weekends at her grandparents’ where when she woke up there would be a dozen fresh donuts from the local bakery — those memories instilled in Sloan a love of donuts. But she found as an adult that they gave her a stomachache, so she set out to make "a yummy, mildly healthy, fake-free doughnut that would taste as good as the others." Her personal quest turned into Diggity Doughnuts a successful food truck known for serving at least 30 flavors of natural, whole-grain, egg-free and dairy-free donuts, one of the most notable being the peanut butter and Sriracha.